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The Perspectives publications are aimed at providing an opportunity to engage academics, scientists, clinicians, policy makers and community leaders in discussions about public health issues.

Perspectives Volume 10 – Women in Science | 7 December 2015

It is widely agreed that there is a great deal more work to be done to improve the representation of women at senior levels in Australian medical research. In this edition of Perspectives, we focus on gender inequality in the Australian science sector and explore how individuals and organisations are taking steps to effect change.

Perspectives Volume 9 – Dementia and chronic disease | 10 February 2015

The links between diseases such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease with dementia are a growing concern that researchers and health advocates say warrant greater attention. Many people in the community would be unaware of the dangerous links between dementia and other well-known chronic diseases that affect millions of Australians.

Perspectives Volume 8 – Funding medical research | 27 August 2014

Since the announcement of the proposed $20 billion Medical Research Future Fund in the Federal Budget in May, there has been a great deal of public commentary about health spending and the proposed GP co-payment but little focus on the Fund itself. In this edition, we explore some of the challenges and opportunities that the Fund presents.

Perspectives Volume 7 – Innovation and Translation | 25 June 2013

Australia has a proven ability to produce world-class research however, leading experts say our capacity to transform medical discoveries into products or services is far less impressive. Read more in this edition of Perspectives. 

Perspectives Volume 6 – Ageing | 13 June 2012

In this edition of Perspectives we examine the policy and planning challenges faced by the health sector as Australia’s population ages. 

Perspectives Volume 5 – Obesity and Chronic Disease | 14 November 2011

In this edition, we examine the statistics, trends and predictions as well as treatment and prevention options relating to obesity and chronic disease.

Perspectives Volume 4 – Food and Health | 30 March 2011

In this edition of Perspectives we examine the link between food and health and the roles and responsibilities of government, healthcare agencies and individuals in regards to what we eat

Perspectives Volume 3 – e-health | 22 July 2010

In this edition of Perspectives, we examine the implementation of e-health and its’ potential impact on the Australian health sector following the recent introduction of individual healthcare identifiers for every Australian.

Perspectives Volume 2 – National Preventative Health Strategy | 7 December 2009

The National Preventative Health strategy highlights the need for urgent, comprehensive and sustained action to address the rising incidence of preventable disease amongst Australians.

Perspectives Volume 1 – Obesity | 20 May 2009

This edition of the Perspectives includes the topics; "We are getting fatter as a nation", "It is indisputable we need to eat less and exercise more" and "McDonald's the internationally powerful and phenomenally successful fast-food chain". (PDF

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