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Student research project

Supervisor(s): Professor David Dunstan, Professor Neville Owen, Professor Ralph Maddison and Dr Jonathan Rawstorn

Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute and Deakin University Joint Scholarships

A PhD scholarship is available for this project. Successful applicants will be supervised by Faculty of Health at Deakin University and the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute. The PhD student will initiate and conduct research on the research topic outlined below.

Project summary

This PhD project seeks to develop a flexible and broadly applicable state-of-the-art digital health technology solution (including the development and testing of innovative wearable technology and integration with contemporary smartphone applications) that measure and deliver interventions to promote health related behaviours (physical activity, sleep, reduced sedentary time) across the day. The proposed platform will provide the first true behaviour change approach across a full 24 hours. In a staged approach, the PhD project will initially focus on development and validation of the sensing component of the platform. The second stage will involve development of a smartphone solution to communicate with the sensor and deliver intervention content. A third stage will involve short-term testing in the real-world setting. The long-term objective will be to have a wearable-device, personalised exercise and sitting-break protocols tailored to the particular behavioural, biological and treatment-response attributes of individual diabetes and CVD patients for application in long-term RCT's.

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