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Our insulin pump service is one of the largest in Australia.

We are at the forefront of insulin pump technology. Our experienced team of credentialled diabetes nurse educators and accredited practicing dietitians will create a tailored plan to meet your needs. Streamlining all of the necessary appointments for you.

What can we do for you?

Our service is here to assist you with:

  • starting insulin pump therapy
  • upgrading your existing insulin pump
  • providing more information if you want to learn more about this exciting technology.

Who can attend?

Our services are available to everyone and no referral is necessary.
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To qualify for the insulin pump service, you need to:

  • have private health insurance (for a minimum of 12 months)
  • be under the care of a specialist diabetes doctor
  • be prepared to learn and practice carbohydrate counting
  • be prepared to attend a number of pump preparation and follow up appointments.

How much will it cost me?

Appointments to the insulin pump service incur a Private Services Fee:

Initial visit (60min) $125.00 (Concession $75.00)

Review visit (30min) $75.00 (Concession $40.00)

Insulin start and upgrade appointments incur a fee of $130–$255.

An approximate schedule of appointments would be:

  • Two (1 hour) preparation appointments with an educator.
  • One (1 hour) preparation appointment with a dietitian.
  • Most pump starts are done in our clinic rooms and take a full morning (up to 4 hours).
  • Some private health insurance providers may insist on a brief hospital stay. If this is the case we use a local private hospital where you can expect to spend approximately 4 hours.
  • Pump upgrades will require a less intensive appointment schedule.
  • Follow up appointments will be a combination of face to face appointments and remote appointments. Remote appointments rely on you uploading information from your pump and arranging a review of your pump report with the educator.



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