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Meaningful transformational gifts have the power to save lives

The Baker Institute’s goal is to beat Australia’s biggest killers, and with the support of visionary philanthropists, we are working towards the solution.

Together with our visionary philanthropists, we work to align innovative research projects with their area of interest and aspirations for their meaningful generosity and show (or demonstrate) that their gift has the potential to go beyond what is currently possible.

Funds entrusted with the Baker Institute is an investment in three strategic areas:

Brainpower — to recruit and strengthen our investment in the best and brightest minds both internationally and locally; from experts to emerging scientific leaders and the next generation of young scientists.

Technology — to harness state of the art modern technology that can help develop precise assessments to understand individual risk.

Networks — the Baker Institute knows that the biggest health problem facing modern society cannot be solved alone and is committed to developing local, national and international partnerships to deliver change to improve the health of our communities.

Together with you, we can help all Australians live healthier for longer.

Want to learn more about how you can make a transformational gift? Our dedicated team would be happy to speak with you.
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E: philanthropy@baker.edu.au