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The Baker Institute is one of the few institutes in the world where the work of staff spans benchtop to bedside and where research is dedicated to tackling the deadly trio of diseases: cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. The Institute’s science strategy reflects the breadth of the areas that we work across in order to enhance the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of chronic disease. In order to ensure that our work is relevant to the communities in which we operate, the strategy reflects a strong focus on collaboration and translation, tackling big-picture health questions and working with investors, industry and government to drive better health.

Our strategies

  • To retain the Institute's traditional independence, flexibility, agility and specialised focus.
  • To collaborate extensively with hospitals, universities and other research institutes locally and around the world. The Baker Institute's research activities will continue to be driven by an intention to contribute to a global reduction in death and disability from cardiovascular disease, diabetes and associated metabolic diseases.
  • The Institute's output will be self-evidently translational through the mechanisms of technology transfer and commercialisation, involvement in and support of the direct delivery of clinical services, and influencing policy and guidelines.
  • The Baker Institute will remain a pre-eminent contributor to Australian, regional and global academic output in medical research through traditional peer-reviewed mechanisms and metrics.
  • The Institute will develop the capacity to fund, manage and support basic and clinical research and research translation outside the confines of peer-reviewed grant and publication processes. Whilst much research will continue to be investigator-driven, specific programs of research will be thematically consistent with the overall disease mitigation objectives in the Institute's mission.
  • The Baker Institute will have an open, flexible and collaborative culture with mutual recognition and respect of the contributions made within the organisation across all disciplines.

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With the rising number of Australians affected by diabetes, heart disease and stroke, the need for research is more critical than ever.

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