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Gianni Sesa-Ashton

BSc(Hons), Monash University

Gianni is a research assistant in the Human Neurotransmitter laboratory interested in all areas of human cardiovascular neuroscience. Gianni completed their Honours in 2020 at the Baker in the Human Autonomic Neurophysiology lab investigating whether stimulating particular brain regions influenced blood pressure and sympathetic nervous system activity to the blood vessels.

Since then, their work has focussed on outcomes in patients with severe and resistant hypertension who underwent renal denervation. This procedure ‘silences’ the renal nerves in patients whose blood pressure remains high despite being prescribed multiple antihypertensive drugs. This research aims to catalogue the procedure’s impact on long-term blood pressure control as well as on the sympathetic nervous system. Gianni is also involved in a variety of other projects through the Human Autonomic Neurophysiology lab including investigations into fatigue in Long Covid and the network of brain regions associated with hypertension.

Gianni’s role involves clinical trial coordination and participant recruitment across multiple trials. They are trained in sympathetic microneurography along with ECG, vascular health testing and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.


  • Sir John Medal Nominee (2020)
  • Science Future Leader (2018)

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