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Dr Kegan Moneghetti


Clinical Associate Professor Kegan Moneghetti is an Academic Cardiologist with a key interest in exercise medicine, cardiac imaging and precision health. Before returning to Australia in 2021 he was faculty at Stanford University as a Clinical Associate Professor in the division of cardiology. He currently holds appointments as Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Melbourne, Staff Cardiologist at the National Centre for Sports Cardiology, St Vincent’s Hospital Australia and as a Senior Research Fellow at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute.

Kegan's current research focus and projects include the integration of exercise testing into diagnostic pathways and translational studies identifying biomarkers that differentiate those people at greater risk of cardiovascular events.


  • Solve ME/CFS Initiative — Ramsay Grant Recipient


  • Young Investigator Award, 3rd Joint Congress of the APSR/ACCP
  • Stanford Cardiovascular Travel Award

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