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Dr Nicholas Saner

Bachelor of Medical Research (Hons), University of Tasmania | PhD, Victoria University

Nick is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow and Research Coordinator within the Cardiometabolic Health and Exercise Physiology laboratory at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute. Currently, he is involved with the ‘Allo-Active’ and ‘IMPROVE’ clinical trials that are investigating the benefits of implementing exercise interventions for improving cardiometabolic outcomes in acute leukemia patients following treatment. Moreover, Nick has an interest in examining the underlying causes of exercise intolerance in clinical populations, with a specific focus on understanding how peripheral factors, such as skeletal muscle, can contribute to this.

Nick completed his PhD at Victoria University in 2019. During this time, his research investigated the mechanisms underlying the detrimental metabolic effects associated with sleep loss and whether exercise could be used to mitigate these effects. Specifically, his focus was in understanding the effects of sleep loss and exercise on skeletal muscle mitochondrial function and protein synthesis. In addition to this, Nick has published several papers that investigate the molecular mechanisms of exercise-induced mitochondrial adaptation and how this can have therapeutic benefits.


  • Australian Physiological Society (AuPS) conference, third-place oral presentation award (2020)
  • Vice-Chancellor’s Citation for Excellence in Research (Graduate Researcher), Victoria University (2020)
  • Exercise Sport Science Australia (ESSA) Exercise and Health Science Young Investigator Award (2018)


  • Sports Medicine Australia (SMA) Research Foundation grant (2016)
  • Exercise and Sport Science Australia (ESSA), and the European Congress of Sport Science (ECSS) Exchange program

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