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Dr Yung-Chih (Ben) Chen

MBB | VMD | PhD (Monash University)

I graduated in 2011 from Monash University. During my PhD, I developed a new mouse model of atherosclerotic plaque instability that mimics human pathology most closely. This model has been published in the prestigious journal Circulation Research and has been rated the top 10 most downloaded article of the year. I also identified a list of new micro RNAs that are associated with plaque rupture. The other aspect of my research was establishing a non-invasive urine test, which would enable diagnosis of coronary artery disease with high sensitivity and specificity. This work has been published in two papers on human coronary artery disease (Journal of Proteome Research) as well as a paper using a mouse atherosclerosis ApoE-/- model (Molecular & Cellular Proteomics). I have presented my research data in over 12 national and international conferences. In summary, I have also won 6 travel awards, one student best Poster, one student best Oral, and a Young Investigator Award at the Australia Atherosclerosis Society meeting at 2013.

Most recently, I was awarded a Postdoctoral Fellowship by the National Heart Foundation, which included being awarded the Paul Korner award for most innovative research.

Research overview

  • Atherothrombosis and unstable atherosclerotic plaque.
  • Urine proteomic.
  • micro-RNA for anti-atherosclerotic therapy.


  • Highest Ranking Victorian Postdoctoral Fellow, Australia (2015)
  • Heart Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship and Paul Korner Innovation Award (2015)
  • Baker Heart Research Institute, Top-Up Scholarship (2007)
  • Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (2007)
  • Monash University, Faculty Postgraduate Research Scholarship (2007)
  • Monash University, Faculty of Medicine International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (2007)


  • Heart Foundation of Australia, Collaboration and Exchange Award (2015)
  • Australian Atherosclerosis Society, BioASSAYLink Young Investigator Award for Best Oral presentation (2013)
  • Australian Atherosclerosis Society, Travel Award (2012)
  • American Heart Association-ATVB Council, Travel Award (2011)
  • Australian Atherosclerosis Society, Best Student Best Oral Award (2011)
  • Australian Atherosclerosis Society, Travel Award (2011)
  • Baker IDI, Travel Award (2011)
  • International Atherosclerosis Society, Young Investigator Grant (2010)

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