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A partnership with the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute is not just a collaboration; it's a transformative, evidence-based journey where possibilities know no bounds.

Ready to support healthier lives for your employees?

Partner with Australia's dedicated medical research institute tackling heart disease and diabetes — the two biggest workplace health challenges.

We're committed to empowering businesses with tools for a personalised, health-focused workplace environment. Our researchers have pioneered an evidence-based approach to revolutionise how organisations address personalised employee health.

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Discover how partnering with a global leader in medical research can help you create a workplace that promotes health and wellbeing.


Our corporate partnerships:

  • Drive innovation and research
    Partnering with your organisation grants us access to diverse perspectives, expertise, and resources. Together, we can champion groundbreaking research initiatives, drive innovation in healthcare and forge new solutions to pressing health challenges.
  • Foster knowledge exchange
    Collaboration with your organisation facilitates the sharing of knowledge and expertise. By working hand in hand, we can exchange insights, best practices, and research findings, contributing to the collective understanding of health and wellbeing.
  • Expand reach and influence
    We can extend our reach to wider audiences, including employees, customers and stakeholders connected to your organisation through corporate partnerships. By leveraging your networks and platforms, we can disseminate health information, promote healthy behaviours and raise awareness about our research and initiatives.
  • Create shared value
    Our partnerships are designed to generate shared measurable value. By aligning objectives and strategies, we develop initiatives benefiting your organisation's employees, customers and communities while advancing our mission to improve health outcomes for all Australians.
  • Enhance reputation and branding
    Partnering with the Baker Institute provides more than collaboration — an opportunity for positive brand association. Showcase your organisation's commitment to corporate social responsibility and community health. Collaborating with our reputable institution can enhance your reputation, credibility and conscious customer base.

Long-term impact: making a difference together

Long-term, engaging and mutually beneficial partnerships are essential for a sustainable impact on the health of Australians. We are excited to explore potential collaborations with your organisation and discuss how a partnership can drive positive change, creating lasting value for both parties and the community.

For enquiries about corporate partnerships, please contact:

Jeff Jones | Relationship Manager – Corporate Partnerships
E: jeff.jones@baker.edu.au
T: +61 3 8532 1346


Thank you for considering the transformative journey of partnership with the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute. Together, let's make a lasting impact on health and wellbeing.