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Establishing a cohort study on young onset type 2 diabetes and an age matched group of people with type 1 diabetes as a control population to identify predictors of the development of complications

Studies on young-onset type 2 diabetes, until recently, were based on clinic samples and often were small in size. Therefore, we are establishing a large cohort study which focuses on people developing diabetes at ages 15–40 years (PREDICTION). The main aim of which is to establish a well phenotyped cohort where novel biomedical, behavioural and psychological risk factors for complications can be identified, and in the future, compared with later-onset type 2 diabetes group.

We are currently planning a pilot study of PREDICTION. We plan to recruit participants via the Australian Diabetes Registry. We will recruit those who have either type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes and were diagnosed between 15–40 years old.  Recruitment and data collection will be conducted remotely. Participant will be asked to consent to being involved by mail and then will complete a series of questionnaires pertaining to lifestyle, behaviour and psychological area. Body measurement will be undertaken by each participant via an instructional video and blood pressure measurement will be conducted at the local pharmacy. Participants will be given a pathology slip to attend the local pathology where blood and urine will be collected. Outcomes for this study will be collected by linkage to administrative data sets. Initially we will conduct a pilot study of 160 participants, 80 individuals with type 1 diabetes and 80 with type 2 diabetes. The main study will start immediately after the pilot and is planned to run for over 10 years.

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