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Improved cancer treatment means we are now seeing patients live long enough for the cardiac toxicity effects of chemotherapy to become the main determinant of quality of life, and in some cases causing premature mortality. These studies seek to show that information from cardiac imaging surveillance leads to the use of adjunctive cardioprotective therapy that will limit the development of reduced ejection fraction at one-year post chemotherapy (primary outcome), and interruptions to planned chemotherapy and the development of heart failure in follow-up (secondary outcomes).

This project is subdivided into SUCCOUR-3DE and SUCCOUR-CMR.

SUCCOUR-3DE is a multicentre international randomised trial of strain imaging for early detection and management of chemotherapy-related cardiotoxicity. Patients are randomised to strain and treated accordingly.

SUCCOUR-CMR is a multicentre national randomised trial of cardioprotection in patients with abnormal strain response to chemotherapy, using cardiac magnetic resonance-measured ejection fraction as the primary endpoint.

Medical researchers

For medical researchers who have followed our JACC-Imaging paper and are interested in strain measurement using GE software, please visit the SUCCOUR for medical researchers page to register.

Student research opportunities

Beginning your research career with one of Australia's largest medical research institutes provides unique opportunities for Masters, Honours and PhD students.

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