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Current student research opportunities with the Metabolomics laboratory

A novel approach in improving lipidomics throughput for population profiling
A forward-looking project designed to enhance the scale and comprehensiveness of lipidomic profiling using high-resolution mass spectrometry and computational biology. Ideal for technology-oriented PhD students, this research has the potential to advance our understanding of lipid-disease relationships and foster the development of personalised diagnostics and therapeutics.

Development and validation of a high throughput clinical lipidomics platform
An innovative research initiative aimed at translating world-class laboratory protocols into a clinical setting. This research, suitable for a Masters or PhD student, strives to create an integrated system combining LC-MS/MS technology and AI-based statistical modelling to predict future disease by assessing patients' metabolic health based on lipid biomarker profiling.

Exploring the role of breast milk ether lipids in modulating immune function in early life
A pioneering project that investigates the impact of breastfeeding on infant lipidomic profiles and immunity. Ideal for a Masters or PhD student, this study examines the potential immune-boosting properties of ether lipids, opening new avenues for understanding infant health and the development of diseases later in life, using mouse models.

Identification of additional markers of ferroptosis using mass spectrometry
A cutting-edge research project focusing on the cell-death process ferroptosis and its connection to diseases like cancer and neurodegeneration. Ideal for a technology/computation-oriented student, this project leverages advanced mass spectrometry to identify and measure ferroptosis-related lipids, contributing to a deeper understanding of their role in disease.

Integration of population level ‘omics' data to target cardiometabolic disease
An opportunity for students to contribute to groundbreaking research using bioinformatics and statistical modelling to uncover causal lipid metabolic pathways in cardiometabolic diseases, potentially identifying new therapeutic targets.

Plasma lipidomic profiling in type 2 diabetes and coronary artery disease
A transformative project, utilising cutting-edge lipidomic methodologies to develop predictive models for disease onset and progression in patients with Type 2 diabetes or coronary artery disease. Suited for a PhD student, this endeavour could revolutionise early disease detection and intervention strategies, having profound implications for health outcomes.

Plasmalogen modulation as a therapeutic approach for fatty liver disease
An exciting opportunity to investigate the role of plasmalogens, glycerophospholipids with antioxidant properties, in combating fatty liver diseases. Designed for an Honours or PhD student, this study could lead to innovative therapeutic approaches and contribute significantly to our understanding of metabolic diseases and their interplay with lipid metabolism, oxidative stress, and inflammation.

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