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Dr Aleksandar Dakic

BSc(Hons) | MBiostat | PhD (University of Melbourne)

Dr Aleksandar Dakic

Postdoctoral Bioninformatician

My current work is focused on building predictive models for cardiovascular outcomes by integrating plasma lipid measurements, genomic information and clinical risk factors. 

Initially trained as an immunologist and molecular biologist, I obtained a PhD from the Walter & Eliza Hall Institute. I made several interesting discoveries and collaborations in the area of immunology and cancer biology, focussing on the gene regulatory mechanisms behind critical cell fate decisions.

A strong interest in quantitative models of biology, health and disease, prompted me to complete Master of Biostatistics in 2015. Since then, I have been working on various projects ranging from the application of causal inference methods to longitudinal cohort studies to the computational biology approaches for extraction of biologically meaningful signals from gene expression atlases.

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