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Dr Alexander Pinto

PhD, Monash University | BBiomedSc(Honours), Monash University

Alex Pinto completed his postdoctoral research at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), Mouse Biology Unit (Rome, Italy) and the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (Melbourne, Australia) under the supervision of Professor Nadia Rosenthal. In his postdoctoral research, he identified and performed the first systematic characterisation of cardiac resident macrophages — a significant cardiac cell population that was previously undescribed.

Subsequently, he relocated to the USA to lead a research group at the Jackson Laboratory (Bar Harbor, USA). While at the Jackson Laboratory, he published a study of cardiac cellular heterogeneity that changed our understanding of the cell types that form the heart and their relative abundances. Building on this work, he recently published the first single-cell transcriptomic analysis of cardiac non-myocytes (non-muscle cells), revealing cardiac cellular heterogeneity and interactions in unprecedented detail.

From July 30, co-appointed by the La Trobe University Centre for Cardiovascular Biology and Disease Research, Alex Pinto will establish an independent research group at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute. His research will focus on studying cardiac cellular networks and changes to individual and interacting cell populations that drives cardiac pathology and development.

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