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Associate Professor Bing Hui Wang

BSc, Xiamen University | MSc, Fujian Normal University | PhD, La Trobe University

Associate Professor Wang is a world-leading researcher in the fields of heart failure and cardiorenal syndrome and has made a well-recognised contribution to the identification of novel biomarkers for diagnosis and therapeutic targets for drug development. His career has seen him work in both academic research in Australia and China, and commercial research in the biotechnology industry in Melbourne. He has made a significant contribution to academic research in the areas of his expertise, particularly in pathological mechanisms of inflammatory cytokines and mediators underpinning cardiovascular and related diseases such as heart failure and renal diseases.

Bing has expertise in molecular cell biology, biomarkers, and protein biochemistry, drug design, discovery and development, and pharmacology. He has a major interest in aiming to identify novel therapeutic targets for drug development through understanding the mechanisms underlying cardiovascular and related diseases. His current research areas include the pharmacology of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), novel therapeutics for CVDs, drug discovery and development, and biomarker discovery and development. In particular, Bing’s research is focused on the pathophysiology underpinning heart failure with preserved ejection fraction and cardiovascular and related diseases.

He has received funding from NHMRC, MRFF, and the National Heart Fund (NHF) for a number of research projects and new drug developments. He has published more than 110 papers in major international journals including Circulation, European Heart Journal, JAMA, Circulation: Heart Failure, Circulation Research, American Journal of Physiology-Heart and Circulatory Physiology, International Journal of Cardiology and Cardiovasc Ther. And Cardiovasc Res.


  • La Trobe University Postgraduate Scholarship


  • High Blood Pressure Council of Australia, Australian Young Investigator Award

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