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Gavriel Olshansky

BSc | MSc, University of Melbourne

For his undergraduate and master degrees, Gavriel has studied mathematics and statistics, majoring in statistics and stochastic processes at the University of Melbourne. Throughout his studies, while doing casual sample preparation work in the School of Botany branch of Metabolomics Australia, Gavriel undertook several computer science courses and developed statistical software for a vocational research scholarship, where he was first introduced to bioinformatics.

Following this introduction, Gavriel completed his masters research project, supervised by Dr Alysha De Livera and Prof Terry Speed, exploring statistical normalisation of metabolomics data. In the Metabolomics laboratory, Gavriel continues ongoing work on the removal of unwanted variation (RUV) and batch effects from large-scale studies, with an interest in data integration. Being an avid R user, Gavirel is also working on pipeline development for the pre-processing of lipidomics data, to be integrated with a shiny app.


  • Vocational research scholarship, School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Melbourne (2017)

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