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Ms Haoyun Alexandra Fang

B-BMED | MC-BMEDSC, University of Melbourne

Haoyun Alexandra Fang completed her Bachelor of Biomedicine and Master of Biomedical Science at the University of Melbourne. During her Master’s degree, she investigated the changes of cellular lipid profile in malignancy by using high-resolution and high-accuracy mass spectrometry, specifically Orbitrap-based mass spectrometers. She has been part of the Molecular Proteomics laboratory since 2019 developing and applying quantitative proteomics to understand complex cell systems, including heart remodelling, therapeutic regulation, and cellular signalling.

Her current PhD project is focused on applying spatial proteomics to understand cardiac remodeling. This project aims to decipher subcellular proteome and phosphoproteome changes associated with cardiac cell and tissue remodeling. The developed systematic analysis will aim to reveal subcellular rearrangements and organelle-specific phosphorylation in a hypertensive model of heart disease.


  • First class honours Masters, University of Melbourne

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