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Dr Jingqin Wu

PhD, University of Sydney

Jingqin Wu received her PhD degree from the department of medicine, the University of Sydney. After her PhD graduation, she worked at the University of Newcastle and the University of Sydney as a research fellow. Her research focused on using the state-of-the-art genomic technology to answer biological questions. For example, she has worked on QacA-mediated multidrug resistance in Staphylococci, HIV-host interactions in relation to disease status and therapy effects, genome-wide association study of schizophrenia, and comparative genomics on fungi pathogen. In 2021, she joined the metabolomics laboratory and systems genomics laboratory at the Baker Institute as a bioinformatician exploring polygenic risk score and metabolic risk score predictions on coronary artery disease.


  • Invited session co-chair of Euro Health Care and Fitness Summit (2015)
  • NHMRC Early Career Fellowship (2011–2015)


  • First prize of HPC Publication Incentive, University of Sydney (2017)
  • Travel Grant for Biennial Schizophrenia International Research Society Conference (2014)

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