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Lisa Becker

MSc (Health Sciences), Technical University of Munich

Lisa Becker is a driven PhD student with a keen interest in researching the impacts of different digital work arrangements, such as remote and hybrid work, on different health risk behaviours. With firsthand experience of both the benefits and challenges of remote work, Lisa aims to provide valuable insights for health policies and workplace management strategies. By examining the positive and negative aspects of alternative work setups, she strives to create healthier and more sustainable work environments for everyone, particularly improving conditions for those living with type 2 diabetes.

Lisa is a recipient of the HDR Scholarship for her research on the health impact of working from home and has showcased her expertise on Triple R's Einstein a-go-go in the 20 PhDs in 20 mins format. Through her work, she aims to propose an ideal balance between remote and in-office work settings for optimal health outcomes, along with tailored interventions.

Currently, Lisa is involved in the OPTIMISE study conducted by the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute. Through this project she aims to examine the associations between health and various work arrangements, aiming to provide valuable insights that help design healthier workplaces. Another ongoing project involves conducting a cross-sectional study comparing health risk behaviours among individuals working from home and those working in the office.

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