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Associate Professor Neale Cohen


Associate Professor Neale Cohen

Head: Diabetes Clinics

Head: Diabetes Clinical Research


Monash University

University of Queensland

Consultant Physician Diabetes and Endocrinology

+61 3 8532 1800

Associate Professor Neale Cohen (MBBS, FRACP) is a Clinical Researcher and Head of the Diabetes Clinical Research laboratory at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute.

He is currently Director of Clinical Services, a Consultant Physician and Head of Pathology at the Baker Institute, as well as holding an Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor position with the School of Public Health and Preventative Medicine, Monash University, and Associate Professor, School of Pharmacy, University of Queensland. He holds the lead role for strategy, development, and management of Diabetes Specialist Services at the Baker Institute, including diabetes, obesity, respiratory and ophthalmology services, a Victorian telehealth service and a satellite service in western Melbourne.

His research focus includes technology and management of type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes therapeutics and indigenous diabetes.

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