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Professor Sam El-Osta

BSc(Hons) | PhD, University of Melbourne

Professor Sam El-Osta

Head: Epigenetics in Human Health and Disease


Monash University supervisor

University of Melbourne supervisor

Adelaide University supervisor

CUHK Adjunct Professor, Hong Kong

UCC honorary Associate Copenhagen

NHMRC Senior Principal Research Fellow

+61 3 8532 1389

Sam is a NHMRC Senior Research Fellow, head of the Epigenetics in Human Health and Disease lab and is internationally recognised with more than 200 articles published in journals like Circulation and Circ Res, JCI, Eur Heart J, Nucleic Acids Res, Signal Transduct Target Ther, Nat Comm, Regen Med, Diabetes, Sci Adv, Cell Rep and JCI Insight

Sam has developed a training program for early career scientists (ECS) in the technologies critical for epigenetics research with a major objective supervision of local and international students. He is an Adjunct Professor with the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Honorary at University College Copenhagen and committed to gender, equity, diversity and inclusion for international ECS. He serves as editor and on editorial boards, an international programs advisor, and as committee chair, promoting new scientific areas and contemporary program themes for major meetings. He has developed a training program for PhD students in the major technologies critical for contemporary epigenetic research and a major objective is his supervision of national and international scientists. Sam is currently on assignment in Denmark with the Danish Diabetes Academy (DDA) professorship with the Steno Diabetes Centre Copenhagen (SDCC).

The purpose of the Epigenetics in Human Health and Disease lab is to close the existing clinical gap in human data as it pertains to epigenetics and diabetic complications. Combined with contemporary molecular approaches that lead to gene target identification our work will pinpoint regulatory targets that will have international outreach. This research will also see major improvements in rational drug design and advance Australia’s international reputation for excellence in medical epigenetics.


  • Professorship, Danish Diabetes Endocrinology Academy at SDCC, Copenhagen, Novo Nordisk (2022–2023)
  • Exceptional Achievement Awards, Monash University (2018, 2023)
  • Honorary Associate UCC, Copenhagen (2019)
  • Honorary Professor CUHK, Hong Kong (2015- )
  • Professor and Program Head, Human Epigenetics, Department of Diabetes, Monash University (2017–2023)
  • VP Epigenetics Society
  • Gordon Research Council Organiser and Chair 1st Epigenomics Diabetes GRC Hong Kong (2018)
  • GRC Session leader (2019, 2023)
  • Circulation Research, American Heart Association, Section Editor awarded (2021, 2022)
  • Gender Equity Diversity and Inclusion, Monash University, UCC Denmark (2018–2021)
  • Co-founder of KP Week (2022)
  • Genomics Research Training and Technology [CAAR] Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade [DFAT] (2018–2019)


  • Dean and Head of School Exceptional Achievement Award, Monash University (2018, 2023)
  • Diabetes Research Innovation Award, JDRF and Macquarie Group Foundation (2009)
  • Millennium Type 1 Diabetes Research Award (2009)
  • Australian Medical Researcher of the Year, ASMR, AMGEN Australia (2006)

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