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Dr Simon T Bond

BSc(Hons) | PhD, Deakin University

Dr Simon Bond, a Senior Research Officer in the Molecular Metabolism and Ageing laboratory, is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals affected by mitochondrial diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and obesity. His groundbreaking work has played a crucial role in uncovering novel mechanisms that drive these conditions, with the ultimate goal of developing innovative therapeutic treatments.

Dr Bond obtained his BSc (Honours) and PhD in molecular biology from Deakin University's Metabolic Research Unit. During his doctoral studies, he successfully demonstrated how reversible acetylation regulates the activity of metabolic enzymes, which was found to be altered in type 2 diabetes and obesity. After completing his PhD, he joined the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute in Melbourne as a postdoctoral researcher, where his ongoing research aims to improve or prevent complications associated with obesity, cardiometabolic and mitochondrial diseases. Specifically, his research focuses on understanding the underlying mechanisms of these conditions to determine whether they can be targeted for therapeutic purposes. In particular, his research examines mitochondrial and extracellular vesicle biology in metabolic tissues, such as adipose, heart, muscle and liver, to gain insights into disease development and progression. Through his studies, Dr Bond has successfully uncovered previously unrecognised disease mechanisms that have greatly enhanced our understanding of these conditions.

Throughout his career, Dr Bond has collaborated with fellow researchers and experts from various disciplines, fostering an environment of discovery and knowledge sharing. This collaborative environment has propelled him to stay at the forefront of emerging advancements in his field, continuously integrating cutting-edge technologies into his research program. As a Senior Research Officer, Dr Simon Bond remains committed to improving treatment outcomes and enhancing the lives of individuals affected by cardiometabolic diseases. His dedication to research and therapeutic advancement in these fields is a testament to his passion for improving the wellbeing of patients affected by these debilitating conditions.


  • AussieMit bi-annual meeting organising committee
  • Cardiovascular/mitochondria representative for the Australian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: Metabolism Special Interest Group
  • Monash University IBC, Baker Institute representative

Research funding and Awards

  • Miller Project Grant, CIA (2023–2024)
  • NHMRC Ideas Grant, CIB (2022–2025)
  • CASS Research Grant (2022)
  • Munz Research Grant (2021–2022)
  • Bright Sparks Travel Grant (2017)

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