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Dr Tingting Wang

PhD, Latrobe University

Dr Tingting Wang completed her PhDs in computer science at Latrobe University, Melbourne. Her PhD subject was entitled with 'Computationally efficient genomic prediction on the whole genome sequence data in dairy cattle'. The project involved the development of computationally efficient genomic prediction methods using machine learning algorithms.

In 2016, Tingting did her postdoctoral at the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources under a project titled 'MIRprofit: integrating very large genomic and milk mid-infrared data to improve profitability of dairy cows'.

In December 2017, Tingting started her role as research officer in Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute. Now she is working on the development of metabolic risk scores to better identify and stratify the risk of metabolic diseases such as CVD and Alzheimer’s’ disease.


  • Dairy Future CRC Scholarship (2012–2016)
  • Latrobe University Scholarship (2012–2016)

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