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The Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute and its researchers interact with and obtain funding from a variety of external partners, including government, private donors and industry partners. The Baker Institute commits to engage with these partners with high ethical standards, fairness and integrity.

Each of our stakeholders and partners has individual expectations arising from their engagement with the Institute, which may give rise to actual or perceived conflicts of interest for the Baker Institute in pursuance of its goals and mission. In addition, our staff are highly respected and active participants in their research fields. They are sought by external partners to support wide ranging external activities including: government driven health promotion programs, biotech company product development and pharmaceutical company clinical trials. It is recognised that these activities may give rise to conflicts of interest for individual staff with respect to their research and clinical activities.

The Institute takes its ethical commitments very seriously and complies with The Australian Code for Responsible Conduct of Research. The institution and our staff are bound by the following guiding principles with respect to identifying and managing conflicts of interest.

  1. Baker Institute and staff must conduct their activities objectively.
  2. Baker Institute and staff must be accountable to all stakeholders.
  3. Baker Institute and staff must operate with transparency.

Conflict of Interest
In addition, all staff are bound by the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute Policy on Conflicts of Interest.
View the Institute's Conflict of Interest Policy

We also have a Whistleblower policy and procedures which encourages and facilitates disclosures of misconduct or an improper state of affairs or circumstances (anonymously if preferred) in an environment which supports the disclosure and protects them from detriment.
View the Institute's Whistleblower policy and procedures

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