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Can I book an appointment at the weight management clinic without a referral?
Clients will need a referral from a GP or specialist for an endocrinology appointment at the Baker Institute Weight Management Clinic. Allied health appointments with dietitians, exercise physiologists and diabetes nurse educators do not require referrals. Give the Baker Institute Weight Management Clinic reception staff a call at (03) 8532 1800 or send an email to alfredcentrereception@baker.edu.au for further information about how to book your appointment with our allied health team.

What are the fees?
Services provided by this clinic will incur an out of pocket Private Services Fee after the Medicare rebate is claimed. If you require any further information regarding pricing, please contact our reception staff on (03) 8532 1800 or alfredcentrereception@baker.edu.au

Do you have telehealth?
Yes we do! All team members at the Baker Institute Weight Management Clinic are available for telehealth consultations.

How do I access the clinic?
Accessing the Baker Institute Weight Management Clinic via car or public transport is easy.
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I have multiple medical conditions, can I still attend the clinic?
Yes of course! Our team of doctors, dietitians, exercise physiologists and diabetes nurse educators work together to devise the safest and most personalised approach for you. They look at all aspects of your medical and social history and dietary and lifestyle habits to ensure that all medical conditions are managed appropriately. 

I have special dietary requirements, can I still attend the clinic?
Yes absolutely! Our dietitians make sure to take dietary requirements, food preferences, allergies and intolerances into account when providing dietary interventions and advice. When consulting with your dietitian, please do let them know of any dietary requirements you may have so they can be accommodated appropriately. 

I have injuries and limited time in my day so I find it hard to exercise regularly. How can I overcome this?
Here at the Baker Institute Weight Management Clinic, we understand that weight loss requires multiple avenues that include exercise. Our team of exercise physiologists offer an optional service that clients can access where an assessment of your physical capability is conducted. In the event of injuries and busy lives, our team can provide you with safe and accommodating exercises that can be implemented into your lifestyle.

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