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Student research project

Supervisor(s): Professor Brian Oldenburg and Dr Tilahun Haregu

This research will focus on examining the effects of a lifestyle intervention on cardiometabolic risk after 8 years from intervention.

Project summary

The Kerala Diabetes Prevention Program was a cluster-randomised controlled trial of 1007 individuals conducted in 60 polling areas (electoral divisions) in Kerala state, India. Participants (30–60 years) were those with a high diabetes risk score and without diabetes on an oral glucose tolerance test. The intervention group received a 12-month peer-support lifestyle intervention involving 15 group sessions delivered in community settings by trained lay peer leaders. 

This project aims to examine the effects of a lifestyle intervention on blood pressure, blood glucose, obesity, and cholesterol levels. It will use data on sociodemographic characteristics, behavioral/lifestyle factors, medical history, family history of disease, health service utilisation, psychosocial variables, anthropometric and biomedical measures were collected at baseline, 12 months (at completion of intervention), and 24 months. Data collection for 8th year follow-up on all the above measures, retinal vasculature and ECG will be completed in the next few months.

Related methods, skills or technologies

This project will expose you to numerous skills and technologies, including interventions.

This project is suitable for a PhD student.

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