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Crisdion Krstevski

BBiomedSc(Honours), Monash University

Crisdion is a fourth year PhD student in the Cardiac Cellular Systems laboratory. In 2019, Crisdion graduated from Monash University's Central Clinical School with First Class Honours in Biomedical Science. He completed his honours project in the Cardiac Cellular Systems laboratory at the Baker Institute, under the supervision of Dr Alex Pinto. Since then, he has been awarded a government-funded PhD RTP stipend (formerly known as APA scholarship) through La Trobe University.

Crisdion’s work focuses on the application of single-cell transcriptomics and epigenomics to define core transcriptional circuitry governing cell identity, the identification of core-transcriptional factors driving non-ischemic cardiac fibrosis and the cellular and molecular protagonists of reverse cardiac remodelling. The aim of this work is to identify new druggable molecular drivers of non-ischemic fibrosis. Crisdion’s work embodies the application of recently developed single-cell omics platforms to discover new cellular and molecular drivers of cardiac pathology.


  • AHA Hypertension Australia Student Representative (2023)
  • NIH Honouraimum Speaker (2023)
  • First-Class honours in Biomedical Science, Monash University (2020)
  • La Trobe University PhD Scholarship (2020)


  • Julie Campbell Award (2023)
  • HBPRCA Student Oral Winner (2022)
  • Australian Defence Force Leadership Award (2015)

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