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Ms Michelle Cinel

Michelle started work at the Baker Institute in May 1988 as an animal technician in Alex Bobik’s Cell Biology lab. Michelle maintained the animal colony and became proficient in many laboratory tasks including cell signaling, western blotting, tissue culture and also managed the tissue culture laboratory for just over 9 years.

From there Michelle established and ran the DNA Sequencing Facility at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute for 15 years under the guidance of Zig Krozowski, then worked in the laboratories of Wally Thomas, Jaye Chin-Dusting and Jeremy Jowett while continuing the DNA Sequencing Facility.

Michelle has since established herself in the Metabolomics laboratory since 2011 under Professor Peter Meikle. Michelle has continued to adapt and change her role as necessary for the laboratory and is now the Laboratory Manager and Executive Assistant for Professor Meikle.

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