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Ms Yanie Tan

BBiomedSc(Hons), Monash University

Yanie is a PhD student in the Molecular Metabolism and Ageing laboratory, under the supervision of A/Prof Brian Drew. She completed a Bachelor of Biomedical Science degree at Deakin University in 2019, majoring in Molecular Life Sciences. Subsequently, she completed a Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Hons) at Monash University in 2020, where she investigated the role of a long non-coding RNA on skeletal muscle regeneration.

Yanie’s current PhD project focuses on exploring novel approaches and targets to treat heart failure. Specifically, her project involves investigating a new gene therapy approach to target and validate novel targets to prevent heart failure. This includes the utilisation of CRISPR as a tool to investigate and target new potential therapeutic targets to treat heart failure, with specific focus on long non-coding RNAs and the cardiac inflammatory response.


  • Monash Graduate Research Scholarship, Monash University (2021–2024)
  • Monash International Tuition Scholarship, Monash University (2021–2022)
  • First-Class Honours in Biomedical Science, Monash University (2020)
  • Monash Jubilee Honours Scholarship, Monash University (2020)
  • Deakin International Scholarship, Deakin University (2017–2019)

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