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Government scholarships awarded through universities or funding agencies (e.g. National Health and Medical Research Council, National Heart Foundation and relevant societies) can fund research students at the Baker Institute.

Students who have been successful in obtaining an external scholarship are eligible to undertake their studies with the Institute. Universities and societies also offer travel awards and travelling fellowships for students to attend conferences. The Institute actively seeks opportunities to partner with universities to provide scholarships to research students based on merit.

Bright Sparks Program

The Baker Institute’s Bright Sparks Program supports early career scientists by providing postgraduate scholarships through to postdoctoral fellowships. The program is completely funded by our generous donors.

Joint Baker Institute and University Scholarships

In collaboration with university partners, the Institute may offer joint funded PhD Scholarships to talented students undertaking research at the Institute. Opportunities will be advertised on the Institute and university websites.

Top-Up for PhD Students ($6000 per year for three years)

These scholarships serve to supplement a gifted PhD student’s funding base, to aid in significantly contributing living expenses, allowing the student to focus on their education and research.

Stipend for PhD Students (Awarded for one year at the RTP rate)

The Stipend Scholarship is based on the Government Research Training Program Stipend rate and indexed per year. The Stipend Scholarship recognises gifted scientists throughout Australia and internationally who are working towards their PhD, providing the means for them to move to Melbourne and study at the Baker Institute.

Travel Awards and Travelling Fellowships ($500–$15,000 per award)

These awards enable students to participate in and/or present at national and international conferences, visit world-leading research institutes to meet potential collaborators and broaden their research horizons.

Student research opportunities

Beginning your research career with one of Australia's largest medical research institutes provides unique opportunities for Masters, Honours and PhD students.

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