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Dr Nalin Dayawansa

MBBS(Hons) | BMedSci(Hons) | FRACP(Cardiology)

Dr Nalin Dayawansa is a Cardiologist undertaking PhD research under the supervision of Prof Karlheinz Peter and Dr Sara Baratchi. His research explores how abnormal shear stress activates leukocytes and platelets in aortic valve stenosis.

There are estimated to be over 97,000 Australians living with severe aortic stenosis, and currently the only treatments to reduce the risk of heart failure and death are invasive and resource intensive valve replacement procedures. By exploring how the abnormal shear stress induced by early aortic stenosis promotes immune cell recruitment and inflammation within the aortic valve, Dr Dayawansa hopes to help identify potential targets for drug treatments to slow or arrest the progression of aortic valve disease.


  • Baker Institute Bright Sparks Top-up Scholarship (2022–2025)
  • Commonwealth Government Research Training Program Scholarship (2022–2025)


  • Alfred Senior Medical Staff Prize for Clinical/Public Health Research (2013)
  • Noel and Imelda Foster Prize for Cardiovascular Research (2012)

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