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Changes in place for visitors to the Baker Specialists Clinics

Onsite screening

To ensure the ongoing safety of staff, visitors and patients at the Alfred Centre (99 Commercial Road, Melbourne), visitors and patients are required to enter via The Alfred Centre main entrance to ensure they complete Entry Point Screening (EPS). Access to Entrance A and B will be locked.

Entry Point Screening is essential to identify people who may have COVID-19 and subsequently to reduce the risk of transmission.

Our community dietetics and diabetes nurse education appointments can be conducted face-to-face, by phone or on Zoom.

The format of these appointments will be the same as our face to face sessions and fees will apply. These steps have been taken to ensure we can continue to support our clients in the community during these difficult times.

It is important to be proactive in managing your diabetes by being prepared for sick days. Do not wait until you are sick.

Prepare yourself now by reading the following fact sheets, if you are injecting insulin or using an insulin pump you should identify your total daily dose of insulin and your individual management doses.