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The 3rd Australian Lipid Meeting was hosted by the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute from 21 to 22 November 2016.

Lipids are one of the fundamental building blocks of life. The ongoing developments in the field of lipidomics has enhanced our view of lipids and lipid metabolism, providing new understanding of their many roles in biology, health and disease.

With this third meeting we aim to bring together lipid researchers from all fields to discuss their work and facilitate cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Program topics

  • integrative lipidomics
  • metabolic diseases
  • plant lipids
  • lipid signalling
  • lipid biomarkers
  • fluxomics
  • developments in lipidomics.


  • Best poster
  • Best Student talk
  • Best early career researcher talk

Publication of abstracts and papers

As a result of sponsorship from the Journal “Metabolites” (ISSN 2218-1989), we will publish all abstract in a special edition of the Journal. Attendees will also have the opportunity to publish full papers in the special edition.

Gold sponsors

Thermo Fisher Scientific


Silver sponsors

Agilent Sapphire Bioscience Sciex


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Metabolomics Australia

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