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Student research project

Supervisor(s): Dr Alexander Pinto and Dr Malathi Imiyage Dona

Project summary

Until recently the cellular composition of the heart was poorly defined. Using advanced genetic, cytometric and single cell transcriptomic approaches, our research has shed new light on the cellular constituents of the heart, demonstrating that the heart is comprised of a complex ecosystem of non-myocytes. Furthermore, we have recently found that the cellular landscape of the heart is sexually dimorphic in terms of cell abundance, gene expression and stress responses.

By combining computational biology and refined 2D and 3D imaging methodologies, this project aims to spatially map sex-specific distribution of pathogenic genes and cell populations in failing hearts.

Related methods, skills or technologies

The project is suitable for an Honours or PhD student and will involve applying various skills and techniques, including:

  • animal models of disease
  • bioinformatics
  • data analysis
  • flowcytometry
  • imaging
  • immunocytochemistry.

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