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Student research project

Supervisors: Professor Peter Meikle, Dr Kevin Huynh

Research focus

The Metabolomics Laboratory uses state-of-the-art tandem mass spectrometry to obtain metabolic/lipid profiles from cell and animal models in addition to clinically relevant human samples to develop new approaches to diagnosis, risk assessment and therapy for diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Project summary

Ferroptosis is a specific form of cell death mediated by the accumulation of oxidised lipids. Several studies have highlighted this important process in relation to multiple diseases including cancer and neurodegeneration. While the biological mechanisms of lipid oxidation have been demonstrated to be a key factor, measurement of these lipid species is complicated in an in vivo setting.

This project aims to identify and develop new ways of measuring molecules related to ferroptosis, using a combination of controlled in cell culture experiments and mass spectrometry assays. The assays developed will then be used to interrogate the role of ether lipids (with antioxidant properties) in ferroptosis and their potential to mediate and regulate the process in various biological settings.

This project is suitable for an HonoursMasters or PhD student who is technology/computation oriented with interest in cell culture.

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