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Student research project

Supervisor(s): Dr Xiaowei Wang

Project summary

This project focuses on the basic and translational research of cancer, inflammation and thrombosis. We design, test and implement novel nano-/mircoparticles for imaging using state of the art technologies (MRI, ultrasound, CT, PET and 3D FLECT) and theranostic approaches.

Innovative theranostic strategies involve concurrent diagnosis and therapy. The use of targeted nano- or micro-particles gives us the flexibility to incorporate drugs to increase their payload and/or apply them in gene delivery. Incorporating biotechnology, nanotechnology and chemistry, we are developing biocompatible nano-/mirco-particles with multi-functional properties. These particles can be designed with various contrast agents for imaging and can be used to carry a larger payload of drugs. Modification of these particles provides functional groups for conjugation to antibodies, which allows for targeted delivery. The flexibility of these particles enables them to be loaded with genetic agents, and hence they can also be used for gene therapy. Innovative theranostic strategies will provide diagnosis, targeted therapy and direct monitoring of success or failure of treatment in a single approach.

Related methods, skills or technologies

The project is suitable for an Honours, Masters or PhD student and will involve applying various skills and techniques, including biomaterial selections, generation of nano-/micro-particles, cell cultures, flow cytometry, flow adhesion assays, animal models and statistics.

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