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Long-term Influence of Fertility Treatment on Cardiovascular Events — The LIFE registry

Investigator team: Dr Stephanie Yiallourou, Associate Professor Melinda Carrington, Dr Jocasta Ball, Professor Luk Rombauts, Dr Daniel Rolnik, Mr Andre Rodrigues and Associate Professor Fabricio da Silva Costa

Approximately 55,000 women undergo assisted reproductive technology treatments per year in Australia. Despite the obvious beneficial outcomes, concerns for the long-term effects of fertility treatment on cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk have arisen. Currently, long-term data on the incidence of CVD in women who have undergone fertility treatment, specifically at the age of peak cardiovascular risk, is lacking.

This study aims to establish the LIFE registry, the oldest and largest database of women who have undergone fertility treatment in Australia, to determine whether fertility treatment is associated with long-term risk of CVD in women via data linkage processes.

Funded by the Monash IVF Research and Education Foundation (MREF).

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