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Ms Carla Duarte

BSc(Hons), La Trobe University

Carla Duarte (formerly Enriquez) completed her Bachelor of Biological Science (Honours) at La Trobe University in Melbourne. She Joined the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute in 2000 as a Research Assistant with Zygmunt Krosowski in Molecular Hypertension and later with David Kaye in the Heart Failure Research Group until 2009. Carla’s returned to the Baker Institute in 2015 placed her in an operational role (Laboratory Operations Officer), enriching and broadening her skill and knowledge base.

More recently Carla’s passion for research has led her to back into a clinical research role, with Melinda Carrington in the Preclinical Disease and Prevention laboratory, where she is partaking in the new Polygenic research study trial.


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