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Kym Rickards

RN | CCRN | BAppSc(Health Promotion) | MPH

Kym is a Research Nurse with the Physical Activity laboratory. Her role is diverse and has her recruiting participants for the projects she is working on, running study visits, and maintaining participants wellbeing during their clinical trials. She is also project coordinator for the PREDICT Physical Activity Sub-study. In this role she oversees recruitment for this study, maintains the study database and compiles reports for study participants.

Prior to joining the Baker Institute, Kym worked in a variety of nursing settings across Australia and New Zealand in areas including emergency and trauma, primary healthcare, remote healthcare and on the skifields. Kym has completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (Health Promotion), a Graduate Certificate in Emergency Nursing, and a Master of Public Health, these post-graduate qualifications have promoted her interest in physical activity and sedentary behaviour research.

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