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Yoonpyo (Brian) Lee

Brian is an honours student at the Heart Failure Research and Biomarker Discovery laboratories at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute under the supervision of Associate Professor Bing Wang. Given the burden of cardiovascular disease (CVD)-related morbidity and mortality in Australia, his current area of interest is heart failure and novel developments in medical therapies that can improve the quality of many patients lives.

Brian’s current project focuses on the role of metabolic derangements in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF) and how it may provide novel therapeutic targets. The project involves molecular experiments through cell culture techniques as well as transcriptomic studies using PCR. Brian hopes to contribute to the understanding of complex interplays involved in HFpEF pathogenesis and subsequently the development of potential medical therapies for patients managing this syndrome.


  • Monash Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement (2020–2023)

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